Thursday, December 31, 2009

Start the New Year with a new look on your walls

Do your walls remain so plain however much you paint them with bright colours? Have you tried everything from paintings to wall hangings but still feel something’s missing? Don’t beat yourself up, maybe something is missing after all. And could that something be wall shelves?

This style has mostly been left to hotels and is usually associated with high class restaurants and some offices around town but you could take it to your living room and see how it works for you. Wall shelves can never go wrong! They double as places of storage and decoration at the same time. If you have seen them before, you will agree with me that they make for a nice show of art and design even when empty.

Wall shelves are fixtures attached to the wall in different shapes and sizes. They come in different materials – you can choose to have yours made from wood, iron, bamboo, name it. All these materials are in plenty in this gifted Pearl of Africa.

According to Mr Charles Kayondo, a carpenter at Chop It Fix It Carpentry in Mulago, he has had a fair number of customers ask him to make them the decorative shelves although the trend has not yet caught on that much. He says a piece of ordinary wood costs not more than Shs25,000 and one can have a number of shelves cut from this.

Mahogany is more expensive, but basic wood would do though it will depend on the varnish and paint used. Five shelves in small, medium and big sizes when painted and/or vanished cost Shs65,000 at Kayondo’s workshop. Wrought iron shelves are slightly more expensive and one can either come up with their own design or have one designed by the crew at Kayondo’s workshop.

Since the shelves are empty and you can do whatever you want with them as often as you please, they provide a variety of options and are a safe bet when it comes to filling and decorating that empty space on your wall. Make sure they are not so big as to overshadow the rest of the room; you don’t want your, say, living room or bedroom to be confused for a retail shop! Try to add style in the whole setup by using small and medium sized shelves spaced evenly. To get a better finish, have the shelves in different sizes and have them fixed at different levels. Have a V design or you could have them ascending or descending to one direction. To avoid monotony, try to mix and match by having the shelves made in different material hung on the same wall for a better and unique finish.

You can choose to have them done in different shapes, say triangular, square or even hexagon. You could have a square shape but tilt it to come out with a star shape. Play around with the positions till you have a setup that will suite you. Don’t overdo it though; you don’t want your wall coming off as a display shelf.

If you choose to leave some or all of the shelves empty, experiment by painting them in different colours so as to make them stand out. Choose colours that match with the rest of the room and furniture. Alternatively, you can have them varnished in different shades to come off with a whole unique look.

Having fixed the shelves on the walls, choose whether to place something on them or not. I would go with placing something there as this adds more beauty. However, be careful not to over crowd the shelf as this will kill the whole meaning. Place items such as books, medals, awards, photo frames, ornaments, flower vases, and any other decoration you can think of. You will have to mind the bulk of the items depending on how firm the shelf is. Try placing a magazine or two neatly in the shelf and see how it goes. Place a few books in one or two of the shelves but try to resist the temptation to turn all of them into bookshelves as they will end up being cluttered.

You could also hang a key ring or two on a nail or hook fixed on the lower or bottom part of the shelf. It’s even better if the key holder is artistic, say, done in beautifully coloured stone, beads or anything worth hanging. Classic African Art Gallery and Gift Shop at Oasis Mall has a variety of things to choose from that would look nice in the shelves. They have photo frames, key holders, art pieces, embroidered cloth, book and album covers.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Candles are an easy way to glow

With the holidays upon us, a struggling economy and budgets extra tight, costly home decorating projects may be out of the question.

So it’s time to see the light, think outside that usual paint can and add some inexpensive sparkle to your home by redecorating for the season with a blaze of candles.

Experts tell us candles are no longer relegated to mere sentinel-like adornment on dining tables or mantels. Instead, the trend is grouping all shapes, colors and sizes in containers, large and small, throughout your home to create a distinctive, personalized look.

Richard Scuderi, president of Mavin Hill Designs in Tewksbury Township, says decorating with candles has many benefits. "Candles change the look of interior or exterior space and create the mood of your choice with very little time and expense."

Imagination is key and the results are illuminating. Whether you choose pillar, taper, votives; round or square, scented or unscented, simple candles can magically transform and brighten even the most tired room in a budget-friendly instant.

Scuderi advises rummaging through closets and cabinets for assorted, unexpected containers. "Don’t worry about matching candlesticks. Clusters of candles in odd-sized holders look great whether grouped in the center of a table or placed upon a silver, wood or mirrored tray on a sideboard, desk, bookcase or counter."

He says oversized hurricane-style glass containers or clear vases also make interesting candle displays when their bases are filled with organic materials like dried cranberries, acorns, coffee beans or river rocks.

Low floral arrangements placed amid groupings of candles are in vogue and, if fresh flowers are not in the budget, a row of small white votives or pillars with some evergreen branches or pinecones from your yard will yield big impact.

Dollar stores, garage sales and flea markets are good sources for interesting holders, plates, vases, candelabras and sconces. Eclectic is the name of the game these days. So be on the lookout for unusual wood, iron, silver, brass, pewter and glass items and remember, with just a little ingenuity, one man’s trash turns into another man’s candlelit treasure.

Montclair homeowner Joan Mueller says, "A friend recently found a vintage rectangular glass battery jar at a small antique shop and it now houses a colorful pillar candle on her kitchen island. Another collected old lanterns, placed candles in them and decorated her entrance foyer."

These days candles are available just about everywhere in all shapes, colors, scents, sizes and prices. And they can be easily ordered online or picked up on a trip to the local supermarket, big box, department or drug store.

NJ Candle in West New York has 20 years candle-making experience and manufactures unscented, hand-poured candles with lead-free wicks in 49 different colors. They’re only offered for sale online and company operations manager, Elizabeth Salim, says, "We’ve seen our market consistently grow as customers realize the candle’s versatility. Round pillar candles are still the most popular but our new line of square styles are the current choice for candlescape decorating."

Candles immediately imbue a room with texture and ambiance and Salim advises, "Use unscented candles in dining areas because they create a beautiful environment without overwhelming guests with fragrance. For people with allergies, unscented candles are definitely the best choice."


Elaine Anderocci, of Anderocci Interiors in the Hunterdon County town of Oldwick is another designer applauding home decorating with candles. "A crucial element of good design is lighting, and candles eliminate hiring an electrician to do costly rewiring. Candles can be brought into a room in different quantities and colors then placed in different locations to emphasize important elements of the space. For example, sconces hung on either side of paintings will highlight the art."

A coffee table placed in front of a sofa seems more welcoming if there’s a soft glow emanating from it and Anderocci says small tea lights placed in antique dishes create cozy ambiance and are reflective of a homeowner’s special interests and personality.

Don’t limit decorating with candles to kitchens, living and dining rooms, she advises. "Candlelight in a bedroom adds a soft glow to skin tones and sets a romantic tone. And placing scented candles in assorted candlesticks in front of mirrors and on bedside tables fosters a sense of calm.

You can also design a bathroom with fragrant, scented candles and Anderocci says, "One of my clients wanted a chandelier over her bathtub but the town building code wouldn’t allow it. My solution was to find an antique chandelier, unwire it and hang it over the tub with candles. The finished effect was beautiful." So get started and make your own home beautiful by imaginative decorating with candles. Then light them, sit back, relax and bask in their glow.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Complete Guide About Home Decor

The decor of a person’s home is something that is useful in determining what kind of human being they are, which is why we shamelessly notice the decorating style of most people when we visit their home.

Overall character that we possess, and our likes and dislikes can be shown through a careful examination of the decoration that we use in the rooms of our home.

A more practical person would put sufficient effort into their kitchen storage space. Similarly.

A lounge that gives off the atmosphere of neutral colors will give insight into a person who just wants to have a calm evening to follow up a hard day.

A person’s bedroom, if painted in red and decorated with satin sheets indicates a very different type of personality that most people will never see.

As any good decor expert can tell you, it’s essential to keep a fine line between public and private parts of the home.

Parties are a great way to socialize, of course, but you’ll want to decide which part of your home will be open to everyone and which part shall not.

In general, bedrooms and en suites won’t be seen by anyone other than their owner and close family and friends, so you can save a touch of luxury for these areas. A very popular part of any decor is flooring, and the type of floor that you choose will depend on how highly traveled your floor is. As with other types of home decoration, the colors, types, and quality put into the home’s floor can give important clues to the characterization of the individual. Hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms - frequently traveled areas - require a nice, hard wearing laminate, but a warm and cozy wool carpet is better for the bedroom.

Your personality will also be evident in the accessories you select to complement your decor. The right - or wrong- lighting in a home can make a huge difference in how the home is viewed by other people. Be it for aesthetic or practical purposes, spotlights give a home the additional lighting that they need to truly shine. These tips are easy to apply to the majority of your home.

To draw your guests’ attention to certain areas of the room, you can use spotlights and single light fittings. On the other hand, a more minimalist look would go for simplistic mood lighting. In other words, the manner in which you use decor in the decorating and highlighting of your home shows a lot about your character - perhaps more than you realize.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Decorating Ideas

They started small. A string of lights here, a figurine there.But soon the Christmas decorations on Deer Road turned into a holiday extravaganza of glowing, blinking, whirring and twinkling.

The four houses are clustered on the dead-end street that stops at a tall barrier that separates them from the traffic traveling Interstate 295.

But drivers on nearby Chapel Avenue have no problem seeing the lights after dark. The scene attracts dozens of cars every night.

"It's worth it, the traffic and all," said Charles Danks, 72, who lives at 512 Deer Road. Danks said his grandson Gary DelRocini Jr. sets up lights both at his own house down the street as well as his grandpa's house.

DelRocini, 21, said it is not a competition between his family's homes and the other two neighbors, J.R. Cappella and Chris Berry, who also go all out every year. It's so friendly that the neighbors are pooling together to hand out candy canes and hot chocolate this Saturday and host Santa Claus from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., said DelRocini.

The Deer Road neighbors will also collect canned goods for a food bank. The only competition is with Mercer Street, across from the Cherry Hill police station, which has made the local news and won decoration contests before, said DelRocini.

But "people say we're the best in the area," DelRocini said. Anna Marie DelRocini, Gary Jr.'s mother, said the tradition started with Cappella, who always had a large holiday display. Danks said the availability of bigger and better Christmas decorations, like inflatable snow globes and light-up figurines, helped add to the lawnfest.

Every year, the neighbors on Deer Road add a new decoration to the line-up, keeping it a surprise for their fellow decorators until the plugs hit the outlet. The electricity bill was up about $100 last year, thanks to replacing traditional lights with LED and energy-efficient bulbs, DelRocini said.

In previous years, November and December could bring a $400 jump in electrical bills. However, DelRocini said he probably spent about $500 this year buying new items for his lawn. He said there is no exact method to how he decorates the lawn, but he does try to not make it look like a lot of gadgets set up at random.

"I just start pulling stuff out from the shed, place it, stand back and look," he said. "If I don't like that there, I will move it. There is no specific way we decorate, we just try to see if it looks good." His favorite decoration is a ski ramp with two mechanical polar bears, which he inherited from his doctor, who used to set up a huge, handmade display before giving away the elements of his display to people who wrote him letters.
Does it get to be a burden? "Every year, especially when one of the lights blow out or something breaks," said Anna Marie DelRocini. "But we enjoy it, the kids enjoy it and the people who come around, they love it."
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is one of the biggest festivals which are celebrated in almost all parts of the world.

Christmas day calls for celebrations, theme parties, decorations and loads of gifts.

Almost everyone decorate his house on the eve of Christmas.

Everyone wish to decorate his home in a beautiful way for Christmas day.

There is countless number of Christmas decorating ideas. All the people decorate their houses by applying their creativity at the time of Christmas. Following are some of the ideas for decoration on the Christmas Eve.

Christmas tree is the most important thing you need for Christmas decoration. You should choose a fresh and green tree. Lights, garlands and ornaments are necessary for decorating the Christmas tree. Before putting ornaments and garlands on the Christmas tree, put the lights on it. Tie the lights along the branches of the tree for making it more beautiful.

Instead of putting all the ornaments on the tips of branches, place them inside the tree. It will make it look more attractive. Solid color balls and ribbons are the most important ornaments which are required for decorating the Christmas tree. Choose such colors which look very decent and attractive.

Christmas Holiday flowers and tasty decorations - Candies are required for distributing to the people on Christmas Eve. You can make a nice cake out of candies. There are a lot of websites on the internet from where one can get to know the recipes of various candies for the Christmas day.

Christmas decoration cannot be complete without applying proper Christmas candle ideas. One can buy simple candles from the market and decorate them according to his own preference. You can also buy pre decorated candles made especially for Christmas from the market .Stay tuned on the next days i will post more articles about Christmas decoration.

Christmas Holiday flowers and tasty decorations - Candies are required for distributing to the people on Christmas Eve. You can make a nice cake out of candies. There are a lot of websites on the internet from where one can get to know the recipes of various candies for the Christmas day. Christmas decoration cannot be complete without applying proper Christmas candle ideas. One can buy simple candles from the market and decorate them according to his own preference. You can also buy pre decorated candles made especially for Christmas from the market .Stay tuned on the next days i will post more articles about Christmas decoration.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Window Dressing

To create this delicate garland, drill a small hole into the top and bottom of each pinecone. Thread silver beads onto eye pins and stick them into the holes.

A dab of glue will keep the beads in place. Use fine wire ribbon to hang cones from a string of beads.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Designs for a new decade

During unsettling economic times, people tend to get "back to basics" by cocooning more with their families, avoiding high-ticket expenditures and looking for ways to repurpose and re-use existing items.

Next year's home decorating trends clearly reflect this comfort-focused and cost-conscious mentality by emphasizing soothing color palettes, natural materials, environmentally friendly products, and "old made new again" furnishings, wall murals and textiles.

Leading trend experts and interior designers across the country offer these top home decor trends for 2010: Color our world Ask almost any designer, and you'll hear that gray is the "new brown." According to Kenneth Ludwig of Kenneth Ludwig Home Furnishings, Ltd., gray mixes well with brown, taupe, light lilac, light green and yellow, and many wood furnishes now have a gray wash or gray undertone added to them. He also predicts the resilience of such strong hues as bright orange, bright green and magenta.

Designer Andrea Vollf sees color being used to bring comfort, harmony and serenity home. She envisions silver gray, lilac, purples and off-white being especially popular in 2010. Inspired by the fashion industry, Jessica Henn of Crusiet Corporation also notes endless possibilities of metallic bronze, gold and silver accented with berry rich colors like plum and red-based purples for interior designs.

Let there be light
For the past few years, consumers have opted for ultra energy-efficient LED lighting as a way to save money on energy-related costs and make their homes more environmentally friendly. LED lighting will continue to build in momentum, according to Jeff Dross, senior product manager of Kichler Lighting, whose LED under-cabinet fixtures and LED rail lights will take "being green" to a higher, more stylish level.

Dross also sees homeowners making big statements with simple changes, by investing in eye-catching lighting fixtures such as elongated linear chandeliers that complement rectangle-shaped dining room tables, kitchen islands and the long farmhouse kitchen tables currently in vogue.

Add "wow" to walls
Due to their versatility and affordability, wall murals will continue to be a popular way to transform the look and feel of any room in the house. Todd Imholte, president of, has seen a surge in orders over the past year, fueled by economic conditions that have inspired consumers to use decorative wall murals as a cost-effective way to give their living areas a fresh look. These relatively small changes can make huge, personal statements in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and home offices. Imholte envisions bold geometric patterns, edgy, urban graphics and Asian-inspired prints being especially hot in 2010, with nature and travel scenes remaining perennial favorites.

The fabric of our lives
Textiles will take their cues from natural materials such as felt, cork and even tree bark, predicts Henn. Pattern on pattern will be increasingly popular, with homeowners intentionally mismatching products to allow endless possibilities of blends and textures. Mary Lou Kalmus of Designing Edge, also sees more fabrics combining durability with style - once relegated to crushable chenille and fragile silks - as they become more available in manmade and natural fabrics for use in upholstery and drapery-weight materials.

Fabrics will host a "big party" of large graphic prints and floral patterns this year, adds design expert, TV host/spokesperson and best-selling author Kathy Peterson. She sees dark navy backgrounds mixed with bold patterns in lavender, mint green and sea foam, as well as plum backgrounds mixed with strong floral patterns in red and pink. Turquoise mixed with tangerine will also be trendy.

Fun, functional furniture
Linda Navara of LMR Designs sees furniture being comfortable and functional, yet elegant - reflecting consumers' continued need for a refuge in which to relax and escape their busy lives. Furnishings will be a more eclectic mix of neo-classic, Asian and art deco styles, by incorporating mirrored furniture, chinoiserie, bamboo, and vintage furniture. Ludwig also sees a juxtaposition of old-world formal and casual lifestyle with refurbished European overstuffed club chairs, arm chairs, two-seater settees and ottomans showing up everywhere from cottages and country homes to urban lofts.

Transitional to contemporary collections will still dominate in 2010, according to Adele Lampert of Page One Interiors. Maple and alder will remain popular cost-efficient wood choices, with bamboo appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers. Clean lines and classic style will be in; excessive ornamentation will be out.

Go for the green
Unlike Kermit the Frog's song, it is easy being green as more and more Americans are turning to eco-friendly design options. Everything has been going "eco" as more attention is drawn to "green" products, adds Kalmus. She envisions design leaning toward nature in the use of sustainable products such as bamboo, as well as fresh products introduced using recycled glass, reclaimed wood and manufacturing byproducts. Henn also sees a trend toward "eco luxury," blending sophisticated products with environmental benefits to create an air of elegant sustainability.

Au naturel
Ludwig predicts increased interest in repurposing items found in nature, such as using bleached-out branches as art sculptures, an old worn tree stump as a coffee table base or a console table and teak branches assembled as a screen or room divider. He also foresees baskets, bowls and planters made from blocks or chunks of unusual woods.

Radical rugs
Echoing the trend in fabrics, Peterson envisions rugs inspired with outrageously large graphics and bold combinations of colors such as aqua, lime, medium greens and white. Due to the ongoing popularity of hardwood floors, Dross also sees a comeback in area rugs, with heavily patterned rugs with bold prints and geometric patterns becoming the focus point of many living rooms.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Collection of modern living room interior from Tumideistored

Picture of beautiful living room interior design and modern living room furniture. The room designed in modern layout, simple form, minimalist furniture style with low arrangements, modular sofas, unique lighting sources and more.

Seating is a vital part of living room furniture so make sure it’s snug yet stylish. Living room furniture creates a statement that reflects not only your home’s decor but is a personal expression, too.

These living room layouts are designed with Laltrogiorno furniture system from Tumidei.
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guide for Interior Decorating Accessories

When decorating the interiors of your home, the main objective must be to make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible. First of all, you need to decide on a theme for each room in your home. Try visualizing the look after the decoration is complete and if you like the look, then start the interior decoration project at once. Decide what kind of mood you want to set in each room - do you want it to be romantic, casual, friendly, or soothing and relaxing. You must also consider your lifestyle and plan your interior decoration project accordingly.

Your home is a reflection of your personality so you must take care to choose the interior decorating accessories according to your taste. But before rushing to buy the decorating accessories, decide on the overall theme of your home.

This is the key to making your accessories work for you. Finalize a decorating style for your interior decoration -- modern, contemporary, traditional, country, eclectic or rustic. Knowing your decorating style will help you in selecting suitable accessories that match with that particular decorating style.

Do not run to shop for expensive home decor items and accessories just to fill empty spaces and corners of your home. Consider buying unique and beautiful second hand accessories and antique pieces which are surprisingly very inexpensive. Always remember the theme you have chosen for your home and make your selection considering the theme or look you want to project.

You can use accessories such as glass jars, bottles, flower vases, pillows, baskets, candle stands, pots, decorative mirrors, artwork, plants, clocks, picture frames, old tin or wooden toys or collectables, waxed fruits, paper weights, stuffed animals, dolls, wall hangings, lamps and lamp shades and lighting to improve the looks of your home. You can find these items from garage sales, flea markets, charity auctions and yard sales where these items are available at heavily discounted rates.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweet indulgence for Christmas

Indulge your loved ones this Christmas, with Australia’s own Pink Lady Chocolates. Celebrate a traditional Christmas, without.

The extravagant expense, by treating your tastebuds to rich and indulgent Pink Lady chocolate Christmas puddings, milk chocolate baubles, delicious chocolate merry bells and even a scrumptious chocolate Santa.

Perfect as sweet additions to the Christmas stocking, festive holiday hamper or even as edible decoration to your Christmas table, Pink Lady’s chocolate Christmas delights are a tradition that should not be broken.

Why not try one or all of these precious, but not too pricey, chocolate indulgences this year: Pink Lady Chocolates Baubles and Puddings – this Christmas gift-boxed treat combines rich, smooth solid chocolate baubles with chocolate dipped mini puddings wrapped in festive foil. 375g – RRP $16.95.
Pink Lady Chocolates Turkish Delight and Bells – exotic pieces of red foiled soft Turkish Delights are coated in premium milk chocolate and surrounded by gold solid milk chocolate Christmas bells. 375g – RRP $16.95.

Pink Lady Chocolates Baubles and Bells – a truly traditional Christmas wouldn’t have festive flair without indulgent, solid milk chocolate baubles and bells in the shades of Christmas. 225g – RRP $11.95. Pink Lady Chocolates Baubles and Santas – adorn your Christmas tree with these sweet foiled Santas and colourful bauble treats made of premium European style milk chocolate.

235g – RRP $11.95 Pink Lady Chocolates hand decorated Christmas Pudding Gift Box - filled with rich little morsels of plum pudding, dipped in dark chocolate and lovingly hand decorated with brandy cream and mistletoe icing, and presented in a Pink Lady gift box with a little window allowing just a peek at what’s inside.
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