Monday, August 2, 2010

Tips to decorating your bathroom

Every room in your house has its own identity and tells a little bit about the person you are, so make sure your bathroom tells the right story about you with . A perfect way to start would be to analyse the theme of your house and try to match the bathroom to the rest of your house but at the same time making it stand apart. Sound confusing? Well don’t worry as LoveGlass are here to show you how to do it in a stylish way.

Make sure you firstly consider theme and colour, the two broadest yet important categories when decorating. Try and keep the theme the same as the rest of the house but change the colour for the bathroom. For example, if you have designed your home with a contemporary look then the bathroom must further reflect this look. Go for sleek, stylish fixtures without the frilly and flamboyant accessories that can often be seen lurking around in bathrooms.

Next, consider the colour. Neutrals are always a good idea for the bathroom; however a spot of colour here and there through bathroom wall panels and splashbacks can really add a theme and style to the bathroom. Making a bathroom all white or cream is nice and clean but it can make it look too clinical and bare. You could even use shower screens which maybe have a touch of colour or pattern. Neutral shades are always a nice touch, but if you are a little more daring a bold colour here and there can really do the trick.

Decorating the bathroom won’t break the bank, especially if you consider for all your decorating needs. Their fantastic selection of bathroom wall panels and splashbacks can truly make any bathroom stand out from the rest and give it its own identity and style.

LoveGlassUk is a high quality website offering customers the opportunity to purchase top quality Love Glass products for their bathroom.

Based in Leigh, Lancashire the company stock and supply coloured glass for all types of wall covering and worktop applications. Love Glass is ideal for wet areas around the house, such as the bathroom and kitchen, but can also make for great decoration in other areas of the house.

The usage of glass as an alternative to tiles provides a much cleaner environment due to the fewer joints which can lead to a build up of bacteria and mould growth.

Customers who use Love Glass, are able to build their own bespoke design set to their own standards, requirements and colour choice. The company have over 500 standard colours to choose from, but with their colour matching service they have access to over 18,000 colours to help you choose the best style for your home.

All their glass is 6mm thick, toughened with polished edges and in compliance with the EN12150 standards so you can completely trust and rely on the product you are purchasing with.

All products bought from Love Glass are installed using a neutral cure silicone. The perimeter is sealed with sealant. The team always try to produce the glass in as large a piece of possible to minimise the number of joints. And if you are fitting the glass yourself, will supply enough adhesive to complete the job, for free. Love Glass understands that many people are struggling to get the money together to make home improvements due to the current economical crisis and have a wide range of different styles all at affordable prices to suit your budget and taste.

To obtain a free quotation simply visit the Love Glass website and choose the type of glass and colours you want. The easy to use website will give you quotes instantly so you can quickly and efficiently organise your budget instead of waiting around for sales people to call with a quote.
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