Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sixties split-level

Gardening Tips
Mid-century comes with all kinds of updates: 608 Elmwood Drive, Buffalo Grove, $273,900 Built in 1965, this tri-level property has a remodeled kitchen featuring new cabinets, granite countertops, marble flooring and stainless steel appliances. Highlights of the living room include hardwood flooring, a ceiling fan and large windows facing the front yard.

The dining room, which is connected to the living room, has a chandelier and large sliding doors that lead to the back deck. The upstairs bathroom has a whirlpool tub. The property also has a two-car garage.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ideas for a perfect house (Pics)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A look at the living room of the future?

A look at the living room of the future?Assuming that consumers someday will be really rich, a recent tech conference in Atlanta, Georgia, presented an interesting vision of what our living rooms might look like in the future. TV screens will be measured in yards, music will be ear-bustingly loud (but will still sound good) and chairs will shake to the tune of both.

Oh, and there will be fewer cords to trip on. The downside: All this will cost you thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of dollars on the current market. Here's a look at a few of the interesting -- and, given the state of the global economy, perhaps out-of-touch -- living room technologies presented at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association's annual Expo.

What do you think of this luxurious vision of the future? Let us know in the comments section or send us a note on the cnntech Twitter account.t's 12 feet wide, 6½ feet tall and, at 1,350 pounds, weighs as much as a standard dairy cow.

In January, Panasonic will debut the world's largest plasma TV, which is 152 inches when measured diagonally.

The price? A whopping $500,000. Yes, as in half a million dollars for a television (not a house, say, or a small island or something).

Eric Adams, a company sales engineer, said Panasonic has found some clients who are interested in the enormous TV. But delivery isn't easy. The TV is too wide to fit in elevators, even most commercial elevators. So, in at least one case, the company will have to cut a hole in the side of a building and lift the television into the 13th floor.

"We laugh and tell everybody it ships with a chainsaw," Adams said.

Chairs that shake with the music

If 3-D displays are designed to make images jump out at your face, then tilting, shaking and vibrating chairs seem poised to toss viewers right back into those pictures. A company called D-BOX Technologies is promoting machinery that can be added to chairs or planted beneath couches to make them wiggle and shimmy during movies.

David Amato, a sales engineer at D-BOX, said the company's efforts to add a fourth dimension -- motion -- to home entertainment are not intended to make watching a film feel "like a theme park ride."

The chair motions, which are often subtle, add an artfulness to the experience, he said. The goal is to put the viewer in the film. It also sounds like a high-tech updating of Sensurround, a gimmicky theater audio system in the 1970s that was supposed to make moviegoers feel rumblings during disaster epics such as "Earthquake."

The systems are expensive, though, running from $7,500 for a chair upgrade to $8,000 for a couch. Neither of those prices includes the actual furniture. And you can only feel the vibrations of movies that D-BOX has hand-coded.

Workers spend about 20 hours per movie going through frame by frame and choosing the right vibrations and sensations that will enhance each scene, he said. So far, they have added this "motion coding" to at least 1,000 films, he said.

Wireless data transfers

Let's say you do go all-in with this over-the-top vision of the future living room. The last thing you want to do after hanging a $500,000 TV on the wall is trip over its cord and send your life's biggest investment toppling onto your worn carpet.

Luckily, several companies at the CEDIA Expo showed off technologies to reduce the number of cords in your living room.

A host of companies are already selling home servers with Ethernet connections, so you can store all your data in one place, accessing it wirelessly from your TV, laptop or, if configured correctly, anywhere in the world.

Another technology, called Intel Wireless Display, also lets people stream video content from their laptop directly onto the TV -- no cords required. Speakers that know your room

Finally, the sound.

In the not-so-far-off future, speakers will get better at knowing what our rooms look and sound like and they'll be able to boost performance to fit those conditions.

Steve Colburn, product developer at Triad Speakers, said the best speakers in the world would sound great if they were installed in a giant meadow; but put them in a boxed-in living room and they're likely to sound pretty terrible. The noises just bounce around, talking over each other and creating a mess.

The solution? Speakers hooked up with microphones, so they can listen as well as project. When the speakers aren't deaf to the clatter they're creating, they can adjust to create sound that's fit for a specific room and nowhere else.

Again, however, the high-end version of this will cost you. A demo at the CEDIA Expo featured Triad speakers that cost $17,000. This technology is on the market now and is improving all the time -- but it isn't yet the norm, Colburn said.

The speakers delivered a sound that was slap-you-in-the-face loud. Surprisingly, though, it wasn't harsh on the eardrums.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

City considers installing nation's first 'natural' swimming pool

Sandusky once built America's first wave-action pool. It may now build the country's first "natural" swimming pool to replace it. About 10 city and county officials listened to a presentation this week from BioNova, a New Jersey company that builds natural swimming pools in Europe. The eco-friendly pools are cleaned by plants and low-energy filtration systems instead of using chemicals like chlorine.

With the Marina District gone, the city has recently begun looking at best uses for the former Surf's Up wave-action pool property. A natural pool is one option officials are considering. BioNova has built natural public pools in major European cities such as Munich, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden, which accommodate thousands of people each day.

In the long run natural pools are cheaper than traditional chlorine pools, said James Robyn, the company's owner. City officials said they'd like to compare the prices of other options, though they sounded both optimistic and cautious after the meeting.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inexpensive decorating ideas for a living room

decorating ideas for a living room
The living room is very often the central room in a home, traditionally where guests are entertained, holidays are celebrated, and a great deal of “living” takes place. You want your living room to look fresh, warm, comfortable and inviting for your family and your friends. If your living room needs some sprucing up or a few decorative touches, there are many things you can do to enhance your living room, give it a new look, and also stay within your budget.

Ten inexpensive ideas for decorating your living room:

1) Rearrange your furniture

Do this first before you start any major decorating. Furniture rearranging is an easy and totally cost-free decorating maneuver, giving the room an instant new look. Once this is done, then look around and see what else you want to do.

2) Add a fresh coat of paint

Nothing creates a pleasant change more than a fresh coat of paint, especially if you change the color somewhat. Also, if you do the painting yourself, painting is one of the less expensive ways to enhance your d├ęcor.

3) Add some wallpaper

Wallpaper adds charm and beauty to any room. Wallpapering can be more expensive than painting but if you do the work yourself and buy your supplies at discount, wallpapering doesn’t have to be a budget-breaking project. If you like painted walls but would like some wallpaper also, paper one wall or run a border around the top. Save your leftover paper for patching and also for making accessories later on.

4) Replace your window treatments

Once the room has been painted or papered, hang some new curtains or drapery. Attractive window treatments can be one of the main focal points in a room. Place a few colored bottles or other glass objects in the windows for a lovely effect as the sun shines through.

5) Toss in a few area rugs

If your carpeting or flooring has seen better days but your budget can’t afford replacements, lay some reasonably priced area rugs over the worn spots. The fresh new rugs will perk up your room instantly and with little cost. Also keep an eye out for carpet remnants on sale that you could install yourself.

6) Spruce up your couch

The living room couch is typically another one of the main focal points in the living room. If yours is a bit lackluster, add a new slipcover and some attractive throw pillows. Do the same for other upholstered chairs that may need some sprucing up.

7) Create an accent wall

You can devote an entire wall or a portion of a wall to bookshelves, wall art, paintings, photographs, murals, plants, or any other purpose you would like to emphasize and draw attention to.

8) Accessorize

Add a few accents and accessories here and there to complete your decorating efforts. Some brightly colored throw pillows, a new lamp or two, a refinished coffee or accent table, a nicely framed mirror, all will enhance the charm of your living room. If you did decide to hang some wallpaper, use some of the leftovers and cover a lamp shade or line the inside of a bookcase, continuing the wallpaper theme in the room.

9) Introduce your personality

Bring your own style and personality into your decorating. Look through home decorating magazines, browze through antique shops, furniture stores and demolition warehouses that specialize in furnishings salvaged from old homes and buildings. You may stumble upon something absolutely fabulous that strikes your fancy and gets your creative juices flowing.

10) Think outside the box

Don’t limit your decorating efforts to a fresh coat of paint or some new throw pillows for your tired old couch. Be willing to try something new, daring and different.

For example:

If you always wanted a fireplace mantle to decorate but don’t have a fireplace, you can often find some wonderful old mantles at auctions, at the demolition companies, and also on the internet. Pick your wall, attach the mantle securely, then start your decorating! Add some tall candles, a few of your favorite artifacts, a couple of your treasured family photographs. For the holiday season, drape your mantle with fresh scented pine boughs, add a few pine cones and cranberries, and you have transformed your living room into a holiday wonderland.

How to stay within your budget?

1) Do most or all of the decorating yourself rather than hiring pricey professionals. Do your own painting and papering, make your own curtains or slipcovers, whip up your own creative accessories.

2) Never pay full price for anything. If you are clever and persistent, you can pick up most everything you need for well under full price. Wait for holiday, end-of-season and close-out sales at your local stores.

3) Routinely check out your local consignment and thrift shops, used furniture stores, flea markets, tag sales and auctions. You can practically furnish your entire home with goodies from these places and at very reasonable prices.

4) Whenever possible, make your own and grow your own. Plant some flowers to use for decorating. Grow your own herbs to dry and display in decorative baskets. Cut your own greens for the mantle. Sew and craft your own accessories. The more you can do yourself, the more money you will save and the more decorating you can do!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall accessories for the Living Room

Fall is the time when people move indoors, because it is cold outside and the weather is rainy. A beautifully decorated houm gives you a good, comfortable feeling. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the accessories, you can find them in your yard or in parks. With a little bit of imagination your house will look warm and welcoming. The most decorating items and artworks tend to go in the living room so it is important to arrange them all in a balanced way.

If you want to hang a painting , above the sofa is the most appropriate place, but first you have to make sure that the space allows you to do that. Than the art piece shouldn’t be too large or too small. If you want to use a few paintings, you have to be sure that the space between them is the same.

There is an important rule for this procedures: paintings must be at the eye – level! Many people make this mistake and if you want to admire a painting you have to lift the head to look at it. The natural decorations are very beautiful! You can make them easely by hand using for exemple colored leaves. If you want to decorate the frames, make sure to leave enough space, not to overcrowed the mirror or the hanging.

Another type of decoration are the curtains. These should reach and touch the floor. Too short curtains looks truncated. For a great, warm, romantic atmosphere you should definitely decorate the living room with candels.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

St. Petersburg's City Place Senior Living opens to rave reviews

ST. PETERSBURG — Laid off at age 61, Diane Stewart has had a difficult past four years. She was forced to give up a comfortable beach apartment and downscale into more modest government-subsidized quarters. A week ago, though, she moved into a spanking new apartment that makes her feel as though she has her old life back. "I feel like I'm home, finally,'' gushed Stewart, 65, Tuesday. "This is the first time I've had new, new.'

Stewart and more than a dozen others began moving into City Place Senior Living, 298 Eighth St. N, over the Labor Day weekend. The affordable housing complex with four floors of apartments for people over 55 boasts granite countertops and laundry hook-ups in each apartment, silk draperies in lobby areas, a library, fitness room, computer room and covered parking for each of the 82 units. There is a shuffleboard court, a rooftop terrace and even a place where visiting grandchildren can play.

There are still vacancies for those who meet the income requirements, said building manager Jim Peace of Cambridge Management.

Her apartment is a godsend, said Stewart, a former compliance officer for a manufacturer.

"I live on $700 a month. I never expected to have anything this nice on my income,'' she said.

Besides, the downtown location is convenient. "This is my neighborhood. I spend most of my time here, at the Sunshine Center, and the library and St. Peter's (Episcopal Cathedral). Walgreens is just up the street. I just moved five blocks away. This is close to where I spend my life,'' she said.

Stewart said she watched the complex being built and called the day the sign went up. She didn't get one of the building's balcony units, but she is thrilled with the two-bedroom, two-bath apartment she's still decorating. Tuesday she showed off her new home, which she has furnished with finds from CASA and other thrift shops.

"I have a full-size kitchen,'' she said.

"This room,'' she said, pointing to the living room, "is going to be a pale gold. The kitchen is going to be a deeper gold.''

The second bedroom is for crafts and her computer work. The second bathroom, well, that's for her cat, Jasper.

Willie Mae McGarrah is just as pleased with her new apartment.

"I never dreamed this would happen to me at age 82. … Brand new everything,'' she said.

Like Stewart, she also moved from another low-income downtown complex. She'd read about the new building for seniors in the newspaper, and her daughter encouraged her to make the move.

"I feel comfortable here. I met so many of the neighbors here, and everybody is of one accord,'' said McGarrah, resplendent in a flowing pink dress accessorized with pink earrings, necklace and head scarf.

Tuesday she got a chance to meet Mayor Bill Foster, who attended the grand opening.

"I hadn't met him since he became mayor,'' said McGarrah, who took the opportunity to remind Foster that they once attended the same church.

The $15.5 million project was developed by Southport Financial Services with help from the Florida Housing Finance Corp., the agency that administers the low-income housing tax credit program. A $500,000 loan from the city of St. Petersburg at 1 percent interest aided its tax credit application. Pinellas County and Regions Bank also were involved in the project.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Essential Outdoor Gardening Tips

Gardens can be created either indoors or outdoors. There are different types of garden that you can have in your very own home. Some of the gardens that many nature lovers like to possess is that of fruit gardens, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, herbs and the very new type is that of organic gardens.

Outdoor gardens are the most common and most loved by all , as it gives you a beautiful sight of nature to see your fruits and vegetables grow well enriched with care. Here are a few tips that will help you , for an outdoor garden.

When you own a garden there are certain tips that you should keep in mind. For an out door garden it is very essential that you, keep your garden clean and free from various insects that might destroy your fruits of vegetables. For an outdoor garden you should always have the right type of tools , fertilizers, good soil, manure, a good source or irrigation which is vital. Tools that are a must for out door gardens are that of hoes,garden rakes, shovel and a water hose or sprinkle which is the latest and much easier form of watering your garden.( To avoid your tools from getting rusted, rub a little petroleum jelly on the sharp edges of the tool, Always store them in a moisture free area.)

To get a good harvest for the season , you should test the soil of your garden before you plant the seeds of your fruits or vegetables. When the soil is tested you will be able to figure out what type of fertilizer to use to. Six hours of sunlight is very important for outdoor gardens , make sure that is a good drainage system so that your plants don't soak in stagnated water which is harmful to their growth.

For those of you are beginners for outdoor gardens it is advisable if you start planting the seed or samplings of plants that are easy to grow, such as tomato, lettuce or cabbage. If these simple tips are followed , you are sure to have a good outdoor garden that is rich in both soil, good fruits and vegetables.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bedroom Sets A Royal Sleep

Bedroom is a place to relax your tired bones after a day of hectic work schedule. It is also a place where you feel peaceful and calmness. People use the bedroom for many purposes and the bedroom set is the one that is used as a place to lie down, to read and relax as well as for do their work. There are different varieties of bedroom sets to choose from according to your taste, space and of course the most important being the budget.

There are bedroom sets like the platform bedroom sets, box spring bedroom sets, metal bed frame sets etc. You can also view the different varieties of bedroom sets through online catalogs which have hundreds of different bedroom sets on display.

Choose a bedroom set wisely taking into consideration not only about the looks but also the age factor of the person who is going to use this bed as there are different kinds of bedroom sets for all age group of people and also according to the gender of the person. Choose bedroom sets that matches with the furniture in your bedroom. Today bedroom sets are available to fit into any style or any kind of bedroom furniture as you get these bedroom sets in traditional styles as well as in the modern day styles.

The make and look of the bedroom sets should be one that evokes the feeling of being belonged to rather than giving you the feeling of being in a dump yard. Choose bedroom sets that will do wonders to your tired body; enhance the look of your bedroom and lastly one that will not be too heavy on your pocket.
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